All About Alliya
A Story to Share about A Girl, Her Family & Her Friends
By: filah ismail

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Friday, 19-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A Birthday... A Year Ago

birthday cake that was taken to her kindergarten
Simple decorations
more decorations & balloons
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19th August 2004
Alliya was born on the 19.8.1998... what a unique date. So.. today is her 7th birthday... Happy Birthday my dear!! I can still this time last year.... both of us, my hubby and me were busy preparing her birthday party. That was her first year in the kindergarten. She didn't start her schooling earlier due to her condition. Last year was the her first experience being in school with other kids. Eventhough she started a few year later than her friends... she didn't have a lot of problem catching up with them because she started reading simple english book at the age of three (remind me of a boy called 'genius' just because he can read at the same age like Alliya.... and that was in the 70's where this things were not very common).

So last year she really make a big fuss about her birthday and insisted that we had a 'party' for her. After a few discussions we decided to pick 'sunflower' as the theme for that day. Preparation started a week earlier with a sunflower invitation cards.. then continue with the decorations. We even ordered a cake that shape like a sunflower.. but somehow during all the chaos.. we forgot to take a still picture of that cake.

So today is her birthday again but this year she prefers to celebrate it quietly ... just the three of us. But since both of us , me and my hubby were quite busy lately.. we only managed to get her presents and cards only.. we were looking for appropriate cake for her but still couldn't find 'it'.. maybe tomorrow we'll take her to the store and let her pick her favorites.

So now let's take a look at her birthday celebration last year...

Wednesday, 17-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Alliya's works using Oly E300

The Camera Girl
her barbie and friends
Erika (super model sun bathing)
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After all the window shopping.. searching.. discussing at Finally on the 13th August 2005, I'm now a proud owner of Olympus E300. Why Oly? How about Nikon? or yet Canon? Honestly, I have no answer to that question. I guess it is LOVE at first sight. When I put it in my palms.. it fits and feels just right.

The first day when we're trying the Oly.. Alliya was not very happy with the outcome of the pictures that she took . It's all because the dificulties in focusing and keeping her hands still while taking the shots. (who doesn't? even adults like myself still experince the same problem). She was so frustrated and requested that we keep our Kodak Easyshare point and shoot camera for her future needs.

Yesterday, I took out a tripod and encourage her to take another shot at the Oly. She was amazed at the pictures that she took and she even called herself 'Camera Girl" . Until today she didn't mentioned the Kodak Easyshare anymore. So now.. enjoy the pictures that were taken by the "Camera Girl"

Saturday, 30-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Artist in the Making

it all started with scribbles
Daddy's sleeping
The artist looking for ideas
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Sometimes in 1999-2000
These two 'graffiti' of hers were done when she was still below one or two years old. The first one was completed a month before the 2nd picture. When she did her 2'nd masterpiece... her daddy (the model) was really sleeping on a couch just below the drawing... and she was unsupervised at that time.
Later when we asked her to talk about her drawing this is all that she said...'ayah..tido'

Tuesday, 26-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Australia Trip III - A Day at the Sea World

our first stop- Dugong Discovery
Australian Penguins - smaller in size
The Ultimate - The Dolphin Cove Show
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15 March 2005 - The Sea World
After dressing appropriately..sunblocks, hats and sunglasses.. we're ready to start our exploration. It was sunny and bright . Our first stop was 'Dugong Discovery'.. reminded us of a lost dugong in Kuantan.. years back. Alliya was thrilled to learn that a newborn baby dugong weighed 15kg just like her. Surprisingly, this dugong has gained quite a lot since then and she is only a vegetarian.
Next we stopped at the penguins nursery. All this while I thought we can only find penguins on the north/south pole. Australian penguins are smaller in size but very quick and active. We continued our journey to the Dolphin Nursery.. Alliya managed to catch a close up look at this creature.. don't have anything on still camera.. 'coz these creatures are always on the move.

Monday, 25-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Australia Trip II

The Princess on an iron throne
The happy couple
Waiting for dinner
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14 March 2005
With a few hours of delay.. we arrived safely at the Gold Coast airport using the Virgin Blue airline... the VB's corporate colours, their services etc.. remind us of our AirAsia. Took the airport transfer to our internet booked hotel.. the Courtyard (Marriot) at the Surfer's Paradise. After Alliya had her time in the bathtub.. we went around to buy some munchies/groceries.... we ended up buying a lot of fruits since they're so fresh looking and quite cheap. Quite a good decision to pick a place around this area.. 'coz u'll never feel lonely... it's not just a surfer's paradise.. it's a tourist's paradise. There're so much to do, to see, to buy... there're so many people to meet, to exchange glances or even to avoid...

Alliya was in her pyjama... which she was really against the 'idea' in the first place.. but we managed to convince her saying that we'll be taking a stroll just outside the hotel and nothing further... After seeing all the lights and glitters outside... her outfit was the last thing on her mind and she started to pose as usual.

15 March 2005
We started very early since we're going to explore the places on our own. That shouldn't be a problem because in Gold Coast...tourists information centres are everywhere.. free brochures etc. are abundance and the locals are very helpful and friendly. A word of wisdom from a local bus driver that took us to our first destination said; 'if you're lost, just stop any local bus and ask for direction.. they'll be more than happy to help'... made me wonder about our local bus drivers..

Our first ride on a local bus took us to the 'SeaWorld'. People were already lining up waiting for the place to be opened.. I was more than nervous when we're getting closer to the ticket counter.. Why? This is the 1st time I booked/paid everything online.. a lot of questions were going through my mind i.e.... what if they didn't received my booking and payment? What if i've been cheated through the internet? I was so relieved that thing was going smoothly with the booking.. in a few minutes we were inside the SeaWorld and preparing ourselves for a day of unique experiences, to learn more about marine life and experiencing a whole world of amazing shows and attractions.... As usual, Alliya was grinning from ear to ear.. she kept hugging both of us, thanking us for the trip.

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