All About Alliya
A Story to Share about A Girl, Her Family & Her Friends
By: filah ismail

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Sunday, 11-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Corus Paradise PD

After the swim
Looking for the best location
Finding the location
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3 Sept 2005 - 5 Sept 2005
Apart from playing in the pool and taking pictures, Alliya has always been interested in building sandcastle. Lucky for her because this hotel has quite a nice sandy beach eventhough the sand is not as 'smooth' as the sand in Australian beaches.. it is enough for her to build her dream castle.

Finding the right time is another problem because we don't like the idea of her being under the bright sun for too long. She was a little bit impatient and kept counting the time and hours... finally the appropriate time and especially the weather came. She was very excited when at last she managed to get her two thin hands into the sand to create her 'master piece'... and of course with her 'ayah' as her mentor.

Saturday, 10-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Alliya's Works Using Kodak Easyshare (2Mp)

Her bird shot
Flower Shot1
Flower Shot2
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Port Dickson (3 Sept 2005 - 5 Sept 2005)
We took Alliya to PD last weekend. We were in Corus Paradise for the whole 3 days and 2 nites. Alliya loves the double beds in the hotel room but was a little bit disappointed because there's no bath tub in the room. The mistake was on our part for assuming there will be one. So not to disappoint her further we decided to take the risk of allowing her to use the public swimming pool. That was the first time we let her in the public swimming pool since her treatment.

Before she was diagnosed with Leukemia, Alliya was a natural in the pool. She loves swimming very much and was about to master the skill of swimming at the age of three. But since then we had been keeping her away from public swimming pool. She was disappointed at first but after reasoning with her, she had begun to understand the needs to keep her away from a place where germs can easily be transfered from one person to another.

We took all the precautions i.e. tried to keep her away from the crowd (especially the children's pool) and kept reminding her not to swallow or use the water in the pool to wash her face. Alhamdulillah, things went well and she is still in a pink of health.

Other than swimming, both Alliya and her ayah were showing off each other's skill in snapping pictures. I only had my chances when both of them were in the swimming pool. Alliya was using our Kodak Easyshare (2 Megapixel) which now has been proclaimed hers. She was so serious when she was doing her task... and I think the outcome of her works speak for themselves. . Btw, these pictures were taken at the Palm Spring Resort.

Sunday, 28-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The TRIO Concert (Mawi, CT, Jamal)

Alliya before the concert starts
She's eating 'kerepek' for appertizer
Ogy 'the emcee' for that nite
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23 August 2005
After our first experience on being "Paparazzi" with Mawi, that night we were amongst the lucky ones who managed to grab a few hot selling tickets to this trio concert dinner. Some people might think that we're spoiling our little girl, Alliya. But after what we've been through with her, we came to realize that "life should be living" and there's no amount of money that can top the happiness, gratitude and satisfaction in our little angel's eyes.

Eventhough we did sometimes go all out to make her wishes come true.. Alliya does know her limits and so far she has been quite reasonable with her wishes and 'demands'. Like she always say.. she is more like 'Charlie' (the character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). She's not happy when we call her 'Veronica Ginger' as in Veronica Salts (a spoilt little girl character in the same movie)

During the concert, dinner was not on her mind. She was concentrating, laughing, singing/clapping along and of course smiling all throughout Mawi's presentation. She took a break when Jamal Abdillah took the stage but she did enjoy herself especially when Jamal was singing the duet with Ogy because 'Sandarkan Pada Kenangan' is one of her favourites. By the time Siti came out... Alliya was a little tired and sleepy already. Alliya was quite disappointed because that night Siti was not singing songs from her albums.. therefore she couldn't sing along with Siti.

Luckily Jamal and especially Mawi came out to join Siti for the finale. Alliya was clapping and smiling again. According to her that day was the 'bestest' day in her life

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Mawi World 1

The Hardest Part- The waiting
Trying to occupy her time with her new friend
The Arrival
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23 August 2005
Alliya's day started very early today eventhough it was suppose to be a school holiday. She woke up on her own and was very enthusiastic because she knew that today she's gonna meet up with one of her idol... none other than 'Mawi World'...the latest gem produced by Astro's Akademi Fantasia (AF)

Eventhough this year was Astro's third season of AF, Alliya has never gotten this AF fever all these while. Why? Because we only started subscribing Astro last year.. and 2nd season of AF has just finished when we had our Astro.

She didn't make it a habit to watch AF all the time because she still prefers her Channel 63 programmes (Play House Disney Chanel) but she seems to be up to date on what was happening in AF. Still can't figure out how she managed to do that.. probably through listening to her friends or discussing with her cousins.. Anyway.. all through this season she is a faithful fan of Mawi. And like millions (???) of Mawi's fan, she also would like to meet 'him' in person.

And somehow... somewhere... someone(s) had made her wish came true. We're very much grateful to all the people that has made it possible for her to meet her idol. To Mawi (if you're reading this)... thank you for squeezing us in eventhough you're so exhausted with your busy schedule. You really has brightened up Alliya's Day.

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PutraJaya - A View From Dondang Sayang

the Camera Girl@Model
Bunga Raya@Hibiscus
Close up on the Model
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21 August 2005
It was a beautiful sunny day. We decided to give out Oly E300 a test. After given a lot of thoughts, we decided to head to PutraJaya (Malaysia new 'administration' city). This was not our first trip there since PutraJaya is only 15 minutes away from our place... but it's definitely different since we'll be looking at PutraJaya through our Oly E300 lense(s)

Alliya was very eager to get there. She was looking forward to test her 'Camera Girl' skill outdoor... and one thing she didn't realize is that her ayah was looking forward to the 'same' thing himself...

What do you expect? Her ayah used his charm and convinced her to be the model for that day.... Alliya was complaining at first but all the complains stopped once her ayah agreed to take her on a 'Dondang Sayang' sampan ride... Now please enjoy the snapshots taken by Camera Girl's ayah.

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