All About Alliya
A Story to Share about A Girl, Her Family & Her Friends
By: filah ismail

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Saturday, 29-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hari Anugerah Cemerlang 2005

teacher in charge
Alliya's future study rival
waiting in line I
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29 Oct 2005 (Saturday)

It has been awhile since this FP was updated. With the Eid mubarak, the end of the 2005 school term etc.. things has been quite hectic for Alliya's ibu.

Now getting back to this entry, on this day.. one of Alliya's wishes for this year had finally come through. Since the first day of school she wishes that she is going to do her best in school and would like to go on stage during the HAC (Hari Anugerah Cemerlang) to receive a prize. She would like to receive a throphy to be added to her trophy collections.

Allhamdulliah.. eventhough she didn't receive a trophy on that day.. she was still excited because she was acknowledged on that day for her efforts. Bravo to Alliya.

Saturday, 22-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Another Berbuka Puasa

Alliya's new friends-Nur Fauwaz Hanani & Nur Isymal Widad
Alliya and Widad
the 2nd Photographer- Fauwaz
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22 October 2005
In the last entry, alliya spent 'berbuka puasa' at her ayah's office and this time it's her turn to 'berbuka puasa' at her ibu's office@school. We headed to SMK Seri Permaisuri around 6pm.. and arrived there 15 minutes later since there're not much of a traffic jam. Alliya was dressed in a green maxi (a passed down dress from her cousin).

Unlike ayah's office, there're not that many 'kakaks' or 'abangs' here . Most of her ibu's colleagues are married with family.. so she was introduced to a few girls about her age.

At first it was a little bit difficult to 'break the ice'... when it comes to 'mingling'... what else can we expect from children their age... . So Alliya's ibu decided to take out the 'tool' to break the ice...which is Alliya's Kodak Easyshare ...... and it worked.

A few minutes later they were taking turn posing and snapping pictures. They even abandoned the adults and went on doing their photography activities.. until the memory card blinked the signal 'memory card full' and only then Alliya seeked her ibu for advice.

p/s...Please ignore the date on the pictures (forgot to adjust the time after changing of batteries)

Thursday, 13-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Alliya and 'Pre-Paid' / Ramadhan

The Photographer
Ibu and Ayah
The Setting
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In the Month of October- Pre-paid
It has been almost a month since our last entry... we owed all these delays to those who decided to make this coming 29th October as the last day of school for this year... since the announcement, all schools have been having lessons/activities every Saturdays be it 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th Saturday of the month. I guess nowadays it's very common to pay something in advance.. we've all the pre-paid services everywhere and now the schools, teachers and students are required to 'pre-pay' our schooling days...

As for Alliya, it has been quite a hectic and tiring month since she is in the afternoon session. To make things easier for her, we've to make her skipped her Saturday schooling. She was not happy at first but after a few weeks gone by with having only a day rest.. she started to understand our reasons and agree to skip school...

It seems like this year Alliya is more concerns about Ramadhan than before. She was very excited and woke up very early for 'sahur' on the first day. The first few days she was able to complete her 'fasting' up to around 3.30pm.. then she started getting thirsty and broke her fast with a bottle of plain water that we packed for her in her school bag. According to her, a number of her friends accidently drank the water from the pipe inside the toilet. When Sunday came, she was able to complete her fasting day...with pc games and tv programmes to occupy her time...

Since it's Ramadhan, we hadn't been having a lot of activities. We did try a few 'Bazaar Ramadhan' in a few hotels nearby eventhough the prices seem a little bit ridicule. And the latest is the 'Berbuka Puasa' at Alliya's dad office (which should remain nameless) for this time. As usual, Alliya was the centre of the attraction especially amongst the single 'kakak's and 'abang's. Luckily she had brought along her Kodak Easyshare along that nite to capture the moments.

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Alliya and the fireworks

red splash
shiny sunlight
sprinkle stars
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On the Eve of 31 August 2005
Today is the 14th September already and in 2 days time the closing ceremony for 'Bulan Kemerdekaan' will be held through out the nation. We haven't put up our fireworks shots yet...the one that we took at Putrajaya together with Jie, Bubba, Michael, Nurul and Bubba's hulubalangs.

As usual Alliya was looking forward to the outing... especially when it comes to fireworks. What she didn't know is, this year the outing is going to be a little bit different since we'll be taking pictures like a 'pro' . Last year we were there just to have over monthly picnic on the 'star' of Dataran Putra, to pass the time we brought along her bicycle and she would circle around and later we enjoyed ourselves looking at the fireworks. This year.. we were stationed at Jambatan Wawasan. We came unprepared since both of us have to work and we didn't want to be stuck in the traffic.

On our way to Putrajaya we noticed a lot of cars were heading towards the city. Alliya said..'they're going to watch the Merdeka Konsert since Mawi will be there" We did ask her if she wanted to change direction but she decided not to.. so we continued our journey to Jambatan Wawasan.

It was a great nite for us eventhough it could be better if we have more 'air mineral' and a few bungkus of mee or nasi goreng and most of all if we have brought a stool/ small chair.. Luckily Jie came prepared with keropok and candies.

Right on time, the fireworks started somewhere near PM (Prime Minister)'s house but it's too far from our location... it was quite a let down at first even to Alliya. But all the photog were still patience and glued to their tripods until the big moment came a little bit later. We flipped coin before and Alliya's ayah was given the honour to handle the Oly E-300 that nite. As for myself and Alliya... we just stood there and enjoyed ourselves looking at the colourful fireworks.

btw- the title for each foto comes from Alliya POV (Point of View)

Tuesday, 13-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Children at Sungai Congkak

nyummy... berseleranya!
Sya Junior?
drying off
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10 September 2005
On this day, Alliya decided to skip school for the first time. It's not as if she has never skip school before, it's just that all these while it's due to her doctor's appointment etc. She has been very concious about getting a 'telur' or a 'P for ponteng' from her class teacher. Her ayah used to make fun about getting the 'telur' but according to her the 'telur' that an absentee student will get is something like what 'Crayon Shin Chan- the cartoon character' will get when he misbehave. and it has nothing to do with 'telur ayam' or 'bunga telur'.

So why she's willing to risk herself by getting the 'telur'? It's all because she would like to join the picnic that her ayah's company organized. The location of the picnic was set at Sungai Congkak.. somewhere in Selangor. Since her ibu couldn't join the picnic due to 'sekolah ganti'... Alliya was approached by many 'kakak' . They have kept her entertained that day.. therefore her ayah was free to give his photography skills another try.

According to him, it's rather difficult to snap sharp pictures due to the low light condition there. Another reason was due to the difficulty in keeping the Oly E-300 still especially when zooming. Alliya brought her Kodak Easyshare along but since she was enjoying herself making new friends and wetting her feet in the cold water, she decided to keep the camera in tha bag. These are some of her new friends that she met on that day. Sorryla.. gambar kakak2 dan abang2 tak diuploadkan di sini.. boss tak bagi sebab dia rasa tak lepas paiwaian

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