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USA Trip 2006 - VII

The Local Metro
Checking the landmarks
Alliya making the best of her time
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17th March 2006
Downtown Los Angeles (Experience LA)

The day started quite slow on this day.. it was the 7th day of our journey. Tiredness has finally caught up with Alliya and especially her ibu. After a long cold day spent in Disneyland, both of us decided to take a long rest the next morning. The cloudy weather with ocassional rain somehow made us want to stay under the comforter a little bit longer.

The weather started to improve later in the afternoon and Alliya was ready to start her trip. At first we taught of joining the Big Boss and his family at the Universal Studio but it seemed that the tour company only makes 1 trip/day from the hotel that we were staying. So we decided to explore the city of Los Angeles (LA) on our own like the local people... using the public transportation.

We decided to take the Metro Bus@Rapid since we saw bus stops 2 blocks away from our hotel. The journey to Downtown LA took about 2 hours since our hotel is situated in the Southern LA - San Pedro to be exact. We were on the 447 route passing through Pacific Highway- Carson City- Artesia Transit Center. After the Transit Center.. the route took us on the Harbor Freeway.. we thought it's going to be a fast and smooth journey after that since we were on the freeway already.. we were wrong!! the bus made a few more stops on the freeway itself. It seems that on the Harbor Freeway itself they have another Transit Centre plus some smaller stops a long the way. Finally we were on our way to the Union Station, Downtown LA.

Since we didn't want to stand out as tourists, we decided to leave our Oly in the hotel room and took Alliya's Kodak Easyshare along. As predicted it was cold and windy.. but what we didn't expect.. all the shops@stores close just as soon as the offices close

We did try their Metro Rail. Amazingly.. there's no counters to purchase tickets.. tickets must be bought through ticket machines.. and what's more amazing... there's no one nor bulky machines to collect or to check whether you have purchased a ticket. Only a yellow line and a sign saying "after this yellow line, everyone is required to have a valid ticket. Anyone caught without a ticket will be prosecuted". Imagine imposing that same rules in Malaysia??

After having our late tuna sandwich lunch at the 'almost' closed deli, we decided to head back to the hotel. We wanted to be there to send off the Big Boss and his family since they've to shorten their trip for some unavoidable reasons. We waited at the nearest bus stand for hours.. LAPD car was in view since the bus stop is located near the LAPD Headquaters, people were passing by and some even asked us for directions... since Alliya's ayah was paying attention to the routes, landmarks etc and did his homework studying the Metro system.. he confidently showed them directions.

The waiting seemed ages and finally the 447 came and we were on our way back to the hotel.. but we were not soon enough though since The Big Boss and his family had already left for the airport. We were quite upset especially Alliya because she really wanted to meet Amir before he left.. just to have one last fight before they can meet again.!!

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USA Trip 2006 - VI

Alliya with...
Mickey Mouse?
Sully and Boo
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16th March 2006
Los Angeles Disneyland@Park- (Meet up with the Characters)

It has been awhile since I last updated this FP. Been quite busy with work lately.. still have a lot of things to attend to even during the 2 weeks school holiday especially with the mid-year exam, Teacher's Day Celebration etc. (NOTE: School holidays are meant for children and NOT the teachers)

This is a continuation of Alliya's USA trip. For a kid, a trip to USA will not be complete until they've put their feet down in Disneyland. This is the place where Alliya was longing and dreaming of going ever since she knew she will be flying off to America.

Finally we were there at the Disneyland@Park. A lot has changed since her ibu's last visits to this place.. which was ages ago. Now the place has their own town centre and has added another theme park for those adventurous people with faster and challenging roller coaster rides. Considering the time constraint and the number of visitors, we anticipated there would be a long line of waiting. So we decided to spend a whole day at the Disneyland@Park only.

Alliya was glowing and smiling through out when the sights of all her disney characters coming to live right before her... even being scolded by the Evil Queen was an experience she said she'll never forget. Alliya was busy chasing and waiting in line to get their autographs and of course pictures with them. Eventhough she managed to collect a few autographs in between rides and a bad stomach ache (right before she entered Minnie Mouse's house and met Minnie).. she couldn't get the signature of the Host himself- Mickey (Where's Mickey??)

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USA Trip 2006 - V

Pet's Rule! Show
The Dogs
The Dogs- Close up
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15th March 2006
San Diego Sea World (The Animals)

These are some of the animals that we saw @ watch on that day at the San Diego Sea World. Among the shows that we managed to watch were :
- Pet's Rule! @ Pet's Stadium
- Clyde & Seamore in Deep, Deep trouble @ Sea Lion Stadium
- Shamu Experience @ Shamu Close Up
We also had a chance to feed the sea lions and the dolphins for USD2.00 per a small tray of fish

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USA Trip 2006 - IV

The hours
The parking attendance
Alliya & Amir (waiting for the decision)
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15th March 2006
San Diego Sea World (The People)

On this day we've planned to rent a 'van' for our trip to San Diego Sea World. Alliya was looking forward to watch Shamu, the whale since there's no Shamu at the Gold Coast Sea World.

But the journey had to be delayed since we're having a very difficult time communicating with the airline's staffs (not MAS) due to 'accent' barrier and poor telecommunication line. Can't put all the blame on them because things were kinda of complicated and confusing.. just like 'Keluarga 69' There were seven of us and all seven are changing our date of departure. We thought of going to the airline's office but decided not to since we might be lost in finding the office.

Finally a tourist agent nearby our hotel was very kind hearted. She offered to help us for free. With her patience and professionalism she managed to make the changes and confirm our departure dates. At noon we started our 40 minutes or was it 1 hour or 2 hours?? (I was sleeping half way through the journey and still confused about the time since my watch was still showing KL time)

For all I know we arrived there around 2~2.30 pm. We were having second thoughts since we only have about 3 hours to spend in the park and the fees.. well.. if we kept converting it to RM.. definitely we would not be going anywhere

Looking at the excitement in the children's faces (Alliya and Amir), we decided to go in but since we were on tight schedule, we sat down and planned our itinerary so that we would not missed any of the shows. We did manage to explore the park and watched some shows within the time limit.

At the end of the day we agreed that there's NO amount of RM or USD can top Alliya's BIG satisfaction smiles.

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USA Trip 2006 - III

Buying the Breakfast
Alliya and the Gum machine
Amir and the Ball machine
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13th - 14th March 2006
Las Vegas (Daytime)

While we were in Las Vegas during the daytime, we took a cab@taxi to these two famous Factory Outlets in Las Vegas. There are :

The Las Vegas Premium Outlets & The Las Vegas Outlet Center

According to the brochure here we can shop more than 120 designer and name-brand outlet stores offering savings of 25 to 65 percent every day. Stores include Adidas, Ann Taylor, A|X Armani Exchange, Banana Republic, Bose, Brooks Brothers, Chico's, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Eddie Bauer, Elie Tahari, Guess, Kenneth Cole, Lacoste, Nike Factory Store, Perry Ellis, Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store, St. John Company Store, Theory, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. The two centers include large food courts and a wide range of customer services.

We didn't buy a lot of things there since shopping was not our ultimate motive. We did buy a few things ie. perfumes, jeans, tshirts for our family and friends back home. As for Alliya, she didn't really enjoy the shopping but she always find a creative way to make herself amused.. well that's Alliya!!

After our trip to the Las Vegas Outlet Center, we were in a limousine to the McCarran International airport. We were on our way to the warm Los Angeles (that's what we thought it's going to be)

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