All About Alliya
A Story to Share about A Girl, Her Family & Her Friends
By: filah ismail

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Living Skill Learnt - IV

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Photographing - Fantasia Resort, Kuantan
21 August 2008

This is one of the skills that Alliya picked up from me, her mom. All the pictures in this entry were photographed by her using our compact camera Olympus 795. Why she didn't join the group in the pool? The reason is.. just compare the colour of the water in the pool in this two photos.



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IDIS Wedding - Ira Yuliati & Syed Mohd Azlede

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8/9/16 August 2008

Congratulations to the newlyweds- Ira and Syed. Wishing you both :
A house full of sunshine, Hearts full of cheer, Love that grows deeper each day of the year.

the O anniversary couple

the 17th anniversary couple

the *** anniversary couple

the ?? anniversary couple

alliya n the radiant bride

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Living Skill Learnt - III

just arrived
the kuantan's clan
putting up the tent
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Camping @ Balok Water Recreational Center
20-21 August 2008

To celebrate Alliya's 10th birthday this year, her dad had promised to take her camping and barbecuing. At first, we wanted to include her cousins from Penang and KL.. but it seems that everyone has their own plans. Farah was busy preparing for her UPSR Examination, Yani was planning her own trip back to her grandparents in Taiping, Fakri was busy with his Rugby practices and as for Nashitah.. nobody was available to bring her to KL .

When we decided to camp, the only place that came to our mind is Balok Water Recreational Center in Kuantan, Pahang. With Auntie Na's great efforts, she managed to gather few relatives in Kuantan to join us. They were Embah (alliya's grandma), Amira, Atina, Nabilah, Yan, Nor and Nazrin. Uncle Manaf, his wife and grandson were there too but only for awhile.

By noon time we arrived at the camping site and started putting up our tents and began to bbq. After helping ourselves to the bbq, (the chefs on that day were alliya's dad, uncle Yusri and Auntie Na) the children strolled the beach trying to gather small crabs. The activity was lead by Nazrin. Nobody dare to start swimming since Amira was not allowed to do so.

Came afternoon, Amira's parents arrived and took her home Before the sunset, we set up the 'tanglong'@chinese lantern around our campsite. The lanterns were only for decoration since Uncle Yusri brought his study lamp and a small radio. We were lucky because the area was not crowded that night since it was not a weekend. If it was, we will have to fight to secure a site with electricity outlets. Zaid (Atina's brother) and his friend joined us that night. We had our fried meehoon and burgers for dinner. The children spent their time playing monopoly and the adults were just chatting and bonding. Uncle Din and his son, Azeem visited the campsite for a short while since they have their own activities at a hotel nearby.

When it's time to sleep, the three girls were put in a tent, the boys were in another tent. The third tent was left for Alliya's ayah and Uncle Yusri (guardians for the nite). As for Auntie Na, Embah, Auntie Jiah, Yan, Nor and me, Alliya's mom, we were heading to a chalet nearby. After all the 'buh hah' (another story for another time).. finally we were settled in two rooms.

Suddenly around 1.30am.. without warning, there it was.. a heavy downpour. All of us at the chalet sympathized with those at the campsite but there's nothing much we could do since it was late already. We just have to wait til sunrise to see the damages and casualties (if any)


the crabs' masterpieces

the sunrise

the damages

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Living Skill Learnt - II

first splash..
deep breath..
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June 2008

This is a skill... shared by Alliya and her dad (again!! ) which is swimming. Alliya was exposed to swimming since she was a few months old. We even bought a 'time share' just so that we can take her for a dip in the pool at respectable resorts during weekends and holidays... assuming that the resorts are doing a good job in maintaining their pools. She really enjoys splishing and splasing in the cool water. She almost mastered and felt confident in the water when she was just 3 years old.

But this activity had to be stopped since she was diagnosed with leukemia (refer to especially swimming in a public pool. We were being very cautious about this since public swimming pool is an easy way for bacterias to be shared among swimmers. Even though she protested our decisions at first, eventually she accepted it.

Almost 6 years has past (since her treatments) and recently when we moved into our new dwelling (a condo with a pool), she requested to swim again. We agreed to let her swim again with precautions i.e. she's not suppose to swallow the pool water etc. At first she was very scared with the water and resorted to swimming in the children's pool only. Her dad tried to build her confident in swimming but most of the time she will be clinging to her dad. So she has been acting this way for the past few months and we also did not push her to do things that she's not ready.

But somehow, out of the blue.. she's said she's ready to be left alone in the adults pool (with her kickers and floaters). And in just a few seconds her confident level was up and she was kicking and splashing in the adult's pool. The only problem now is, she doesn't have friends to play with her in the pool especially when it's not school holidays.

p/s these pictures were taken with our Olympus 795sw (water proof up to 10m deep)

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The Artist in the Making Part II

Alliya's Self Potrait
May 2003

Actually this picture was drawn by Alliya a long time ago when she was about 4+ years old in 2003. It represents her-self at that time. Doesn't matter what others might have think about the drawing.. but to me, I'll always treasure all her masterpieces!!

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